Meditating Hungover

I know it’s a strange topic but if you compare it with people who take LSD or some other drug, could taking alcohol enhance your meditation experience also? I mean, you would think it wouldn’t because inebriation means low focus and concentration.

But what about if you’re hungover?

On a pretend meditation Richter scale, I would get to a level 3 after 45 minutes of meditation. This morning after a night out I sat down and felt a whoosh of oneness with everything instantly enter my conscious awareness, universal sensations and an ‘om’ stillness that could take ages for me to get to. An inner serenity that was just there as soon as I sat down on my cushion. There was no fishing for it, it was instant.

I shot straight up to a level 9!

I had meditated just before heading out the night before for nearly an hour and I wonder if this impacted my elevated meditation the following day.

I also wonder if the low feeling of being sensitive combined with the resting of meditation produced this deep experience that is otherwise difficult for my mind and body to reach.

I thought it was super cool, although I don’t recommend excessive drinking to reach that high plane! But I thought it was pretty interesting how it unexpectedly happened.

In addition, I had one of the most vivid dreams I’ve had in a long time too that night when I got home and I’m thinking the unconscious is perhaps more active/influential when the conscious mind is, let’s say, a bit indisposed.

If the barrier was lowered, maybe that’s why my meditation was so powerful.

Anyone experience anything like this? Do you think it’s true that being hungover could actually help mediation?

*Photo by Ksenia Makagonova.

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