Journaling As Blog Ideas

dariusz-sankowski-dvK_CT1Wg78-unsplash.jpgSo I chose this week’s topic because a thought was running through my mind – what do I write about?
Topic ideas don’t always flow from a heavenly vase carried by a cherub prancing in a fountain. Sometimes they have to be scraped up from the bottom of the barrel in your mind.
Every writer has their peace on topic generation but how do you generate ideas?
One good tip (which probably only applies to self-help bloggers like myself) is unearthing core, raw topics through journaling.
Journaling is a great way to explore and touch on hard-to-touch things within yourself and can produce interesting, powerful topics for you to explore further.
For example, it was only through journaling that I discovered, in detail, the extent of my social anxiety.
And details can be important.
It illuminates and highlights what can be a tumultuous maelstrom of emotions, sensations and thoughts and deciphering what is what and how it’s all connected and what the overall message is,l. It can be complicated, depending on how far the issue goes.
Depending on your comfort level and depth of courage, you can share your experiences flowed into and documented through journaling by writing up blog posts based on what you’ve found out and any learning you want to pass on.
This has been the basis for a few of my previous blog posts and it has brought out some of the most intricate and insightful articles I’ve ever written. It’s also felt the most authentic and if I’m honest, it’s helped me heal and overcome because not only an I willing to investigate the uncomfortable, but thrive through it by sharing it online. Sharing seems reduce the dark cloud’s power that forms in my mind and body over a few issues.
It’s not a method for every self-help, self-healing blogger but I know it’s certainly helped me in the past.
Has anyone else tried writing posts this way? Or is it too personal of a thing to share? I wouldn’t mind getting others input on this and knowing I’m not the only one who employs such a technique!
P.S. I’ve read INFJ’s love the method of writing and sharing their personal experiences and would be interested to know too of any fellow INFJ’s out there who do this too!

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