Resilience at Work

Work is a place filled with challenges, from situations that require problem solving, thinking on the spot and dealing with demands from others. A couple of bad incidents at work had me undergoing some deep processing and what I came out on the other side was some helpful insights.

  • Even during the challenges I faced, I stayed on my own side. If I felt inadequate, or angry or sad, I stayed with those feelings no matter how bad, and owned them. Pushing these kinds of feelings away worsens the very thing that needs soothing, and can ultimately leave you in a worse state than to begin with. Denying bad feelings lengthens their lifespan, so you’re guaranteed a longer ride on that roller coaster if that’s your response. Good, healthy self-parenting is required for a happen sense of wholeness.
  • Self-love. Regardless of others being angry at me, and me fantasising what it is they thought of me thrown into the mix, I still wholly believed that I was lovable and good enough despite my mistakes and mishaps.
  • Optimism. I knew innately that if the worst came and I left my job that I would be alright, and something else would come along. Faith and belief in that the universe has your back, as well as family and friends, can be critical to when you’re feeling extremely vulnerable in your job. There’s a way out even if you can’t see it.
  • Gratitude. Seems counterintuitive during bad times at work, but it’s power can completely reverse how you see and feel around what’s going on. Seeing the good things in your day as well as the bad helps bring more balance to your life.
  • Acceptance. There is strength in accepting the situation, it can only be obtained once you know that you’re not your job, and worthy of more than what it is you get.

With putting the above into practice, it has helped me stop work and colleagues from overwhelming me to the point where it takes over my life.

What have you practiced in the past to help with coping with tricky work situations?