Letting Go: the Birthplace of Change

Letting go is not a whimsical, gentle process despite how it sounds. It’s stormy and resistant, defying and thrashing. It is by which us exercising courage and strength in doing something that is not natural for us to do; a release of emotional pain. And it takes tremendous focus.

The Resistance

We trick ourselves into thinking that if we let go of whatever happened to us, that emotion, that intensity will ambush us again later in life and your survival instinct is to hold onto it. The consequence though is less joy in the present moment. Here’s the reality; if that bad incident happens again, holding onto what happened before doesn’t protect you, it only ensures that you react the same way as you did the first time round. Ever engraving that same response into you.

Responding creatively can be incredibly difficult for some of us, because it challenges us to perceive the situation differently and even our role almost in a different way.

Strength and Courage

Letting go requires two things: strength and courage. Courage because a part of you will feel like you’re taking a risk in letting whatever go because it could happen you again (it takes extraordinary bravery to choose vulnerability again) and strength because there is no courage without it. This strength resides in your base level, base because a lot of what you can demonstrate in life: resilience, fortitude and kindness comes from there.

A bravery, a meeting at the waters as such is required in the process of letting go. Releasing not just from your mind, but from the body too, for emotional memory or ‘blockages’ as some say, is stored in the body when something traumatic happens.

If you could find the way to let go, you could choose a different response next time round, because you wouldn’t be roped into how you were within your body and mind when it happened at first.

Space for Creativeness

Here’s what happens when you finally get to that place of letting go; you create more space within yourself like a blank slate that can be drawn on again, with a better story this time. A feeling of being born anew feeds into hope and optimism; it naturally self-feeding, and when that happens you embrace your life in the present moment, and trust more in the future that is to come.

Your increase in faith isn’t due to believing that life will be easy forever more, but secure in the knowledge that you know how to let go, and carrying that capability into the future guarantees a happier life not just now, but forever.

When you begin to let go, a natural inner reaction takes place where more free space becomes available, and the sensation it translates into is a newness within that is refreshing and revitalising. It’s fertile ground for creativity.

The belief that you can change, to be who you really want to be grows and flowers if letting go is nurtured long enough. Letting go is the birthplace of groundbreaking inner change.