Overcoming Weekend Work-Week Blues

A short while ago, I could feel the pressure of futuristic events that I knew I’d have to deal with. It was that Sunday feeling that 9-5ers have the day before going back to work – because it was the day before going back to work! Since I began working full-time again, I’ve noticed this pressure building on the weekends, that sigh of knowledge harking the end of short leisure time, and the beginning of a long work week ahead.

Because I normally can’t stand that way of being, I decided to try and let go of it, relinquish the thoughts and the ‘netflixing’ of projecting myself into the future and what I’d be doing.

Being Present

Pose a logical challenge to your mind while it ruminates over this. Ask yourself, is this useful? The quick obvious answer is no. Try following up by asking yourself why would I want to sacrifice my present moment, for thinking of what is going to happen? The true answer to your life is that the present moment is all you ever really have. You cannot experience the past again and the future hasn’t happened yet. Try to focus on your present moment wherever you are. It could be at the cinema, with your family or in your bedroom alone. Listen to the sounds, notice the fundamental details of your surroundings, whatever they might be, and accept it. You’ll find not only have you curtailed the ‘before work week’ blues, but can experience joy in the moment.


Surrender. Accept whatever it is that is your life. I think we sometimes become transfixed to what we deem as ‘ideal’ and are so dissatisfied with what we have that we refuse to be happy until we get it. However, the goal posts never really stop moving back in life, when you finally get what you want, you’ll soon want something else. It’s the nature of the beast. Difficult at times to accept I know, but know that change is a constancy in our universe, and that the river of time pulls us all downstream. Everything is subject to change, no stone is left unturned. And since what you’re feeling is not of any use, surrendering it means it doesn’t have any more power over you.

Sense of control

You’re 100% responsible for what you choose in life, remembering that you chose to take on the job you’re at will give you a sense of control. Try to remember why you took on the role in the first place – more money to save, supporting your family, climbing the corporate ladder or something else, can help in your resolution of going back to work every Monday morning. Don’t forget your why. It’s what drives you beyond other things such as salary or benefits.