To be Resilient yet Loving

Your life is measured by your experiences and what you learn from them. At times, you may find yourself in a testing situation that has happened several times before, and it’s because life is basically prodding you with that same stick again to see what it is that you’ve learned. It’s essentially asking if you can handle that very situation differently now.

The ultimatum I believe it’s looking for is your uncanny ability to be able to be resilient and strong yet vulnerable and loving. And not giving into the hard wall that wants to be built around you. To-be-resilient-yet-lovingIt’s about going through excruciating pain from others yet still seeing above it all and knowing that there are people out there deserving of your love. It’s about staying vulnerable and keeping your heart open despite the agony inflicted by others. It’s terrifying. It’s brave and there are no promises. But I can promise you strength if you do it.

The resilience comes from letting things move around you while you stay centred.

I’ve found during stressful times to focus on my breath and on the centre of my chest to keep me grounded. I’ve found that letting critical feedback from others slide right off my back and keep going regardless; acting like a mesh where it merely passes through without affecting me in any way.

It’s an ongoing balancing act of accumulating learning, and not just accumulating but acting on those key learnings. Because life doesn’t just care that you learn, it cares that you act on what you learn. What I’ve realised is that learning is not enough – you must apply through action. When this is done you’ll transform your life and how you live. Once you stay loyal and true to yourself and your wisdom, it will work with you.

I sometimes get the sense that there is an acknowledgement by the universe that when your intentions are authentic, it helps in a number of little ways. A complimentary product when you buy something nice for yourself, or perhaps an old friend contacting you to meet up. It somehow knows you’re doing the best that you can, and loving as much as you can. And you know what? That’s enough.